Mighty Hero Max

                                               Meet our handsome Mighty Hero Max!

On February 20, 2016 Max went to Primary Children's Hospital because of persistent vomiting and headaches. The MRI revealed that our perfectly healthy 4 1/2 year old boy was anything but healthy and had a golf ball size brain tumor. The tumor was removed the next day in surgery. Max was diagnosed with High Risk Medulloblastoma Cancer. High Risk because the tumor had spread in his brain as well as down his spine

 Max was in the hospital for 14 days & now faces 9 months of intense radiation and chemotherapy. Without treatment Maxs life expectancy would be 6-12 months. Max also has to participate in Physical & Occupational therapy to help his body recover from the surgery. 

After being home for only about a week we had to take him back to the ER (March 14, 2016) bc of vomiting & headaches again & found out he got meningitis from the surgery & also contracted RSV while at the hospital. Max had a permanent shunt implanted in his head during this stay & was released this second time on March 28, 2016 making it another 14 day stay in the hospital. During the 6 weeks of Radiation treatments, Max contracted C-Diff from the multiple antibiotics given to him in the hospital for the meningitis. Because of this Max lost a lot of weight which resulted in him needing a feeding tube. Radiation caused multiple burns all over his upper body. The last of the 31 treatments of Radiation was on Friday, May 13th. On June 7th/8th 2016 was the next MRI & Lumbar Puncture to see how the cancer was looking. Luckily those scans came back really good showing that the cancer has decreased a lot. Also on June 8th he had another surgery to insert a G-Tube to help with feeding him since he kept vomiting up the NG-Tube. Our first of six inpatient chemo treatments was on June 29th.

Radiation was super difficult but Chemo is a whole other difficult. For two full weeks he would randomly vomit which was hard on him but this also resulted in him not being able to get much nutrition. Besides the vomiting there has been a lot of headaches & stomach aches that we can't figure out how to make go away. Next round of chemo (number 2 of 6) is scheduled for August 10th, 2016. Please keep Max in your prayers, thank you!

Every penny of your donations will go to Max and his family. Click here to donate www.psiadoreyou.com  Any amount is appreciated. Max you are so brave and strong. You have a army behind you fighting! All our love and prayers are with you daily. You got this! Stay strong! We love you!


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