5 Cute back to school traditions for your family

No doubt about it, August is in full swing! We're mixed with feelings of sorrow about glorious summer days ending and joy at getting back to a routine.

Though time feels like it's racing at warp speed as we squeeze in a few more trips and get the kids ready for school, we can't help but get excited about planning some new back to school family traditions. Check out the list below for inspiration running the gamut from simple and fun to all-out Pinterest Mom perfection.

1. Back to school feast. Recalling Stephanie Nielson's annual "back to school feast" idea gave us the inspiration for this post, so we figured it had to be listed first. Stephanie prepares a dinner, presents a family theme for the year and gives her kids homemade crowns and small gifts to send them into the new school year. The whole shebang is absolutely swoon-worthy and darling!

2. The backpack fairy. Parents magazine offered up the idea of "the backpack fairy" to get your kids excited for their first day of school. Kids put their backpack at the foot of the bed when they go to sleep the night before school, and they awake to it full of fun surprises like a lunch treat, new item of clothing, backpack accessory or extra fun school supplies.

3. Bedroom door decorations. Although this idea was originally for a holiday or birthday, we love the idea of decorating your kids' bedroom doors to really pump them up first thing in the morning. It's an easy and fun way to boost their confidence!

4. Back to school interviews. Back to school photos are definitely nothing new, but we love the idea of making the moment even more meaningful by including a chalkboard of answers from your child's "back to school interview." Make the chalkboard with chalkboard paint and chalkboard pens, then wipe clean and save it for next year!

5. Back to school bash party. Poca Cosa blog wins the creativity award for her "back to school bash" idea. If you really want to go all out, check her post to see how she created an entire party filled with school subject-themed activities, cafeteria-themed food and more. So adorable!


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