August Cancer Cutie Emily!

Meet this brave and beautiful little girl Emily who is our Cancer Cutie this month. We love hearing that she is now in REMISSION! What a beautiful word to hear. Below is her story by her mother.

On June 12th 2014, after being sick for about a week and multiple doctors visits during that week, we were very concerned and decided to take her to Primary Children's Medical Center.  That evening we were told she had cancer and after about a week of tests and scans the doctors diagnosed Emily with Stage 4 Burkitts Lymphoma.  The scans revealed Emily has tumors growing at a rapid rate in her kidneys, liver, spine, face and a large 9 cm mass in her abdominal cavity.  

 The doctors wasted no time in starting her very aggressive chemotherapy treatments.  Her treatments consisted of 8 rounds of high dose chemotherapy back to back.  Five of the 8 rounds were done as a patient in the hospital due to the complications and side effects of the chemotherapy. The side effects from the first round made Emily critically ill.  She developed a serious condition called Typhilitus, as well as other serious complications and had to be moved to the ICU for several days until she could be stabilized.  She spent about 6 weeks in the hospital just recovering from the side effects from that first round. 

Each round was a little better than the last.  Her last three rounds she was able to complete in clinic and at home. On January 24 2015 Emily completed her last round of chemo and on Feb 2 2015 her scans revealed that all the tumors have cleared and we are very grateful and happy to say that Emily is officially in remission.   

Emily is six years old.  She is the youngest of 6 children, three girls, and three boys. She is such a delight to her family and we are so blessed to have her with us.  She loves to play soccer, ride scooters, wrestle with her brothers, play dolls and dress ups with her sister, pretend to be a ninja and fireman, have her nails painted by her oldest sister, and help her mom cook.  It's safe to say she is very "well rounded".  Emily just learned to ride a bike without training wheels.  Emily was also able to finish up the last half of the kindergarten year with her classmates and hopes to be ready for 1st grade in Augus 

Emily you are such an incredibly strong and brave littler girl. That smile of yours lights up the room. We are sending our love to you and are so excited for you to start 1st grade. To donate to Emily go to Every donation made this month will go to Emily.