Cure the KIDS with Hello Apparel!

Hi guys, its me, Chelsea (one of the founders of P.S. I Adore you, but more importantly...Cami's mom).  If you don't know my spunky little Cami and her story, take a minute to watch her video (she tells it way better than I could ever write about it).

Cami and her fight against leukemia are the backbone driving our passion and the fight against childhood cancer.  Cami is the one who started it all, but the fuel to our fire is our little cancer buds.  Since we launched in November you have met 4 of our amazing featured kids:  Millie, Connor, Annika, and Brooke.  We know their stories touched you like they did us, but these are just 4 stories, four stories out of the (on average) 36 children who are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. each DAY!  Did you know that more than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year?  ALL of these incredibly brave, strong shining stars are the reason we do what we do and we wish we could feature each and every one of them, but we can't.  What we can do is try to help find a cure for them.  Yes, P.S. I Adore you delivers daily deals, but we strive to equally deliver awareness and hope for these kids and their families.


THAT is why we are beginning our campaign for the 2013 SLC CureSearch walk.  For the next several months we will be teaming up with fabulous companies and bringing you products that will raise money for this amazing cause!  

We couldn't have picked a better company to kick start our Cure the KIDS campaign with and we are thrilled to be partnering with...
When Hello Apparel found out about our cause they didn't just want to be featured on our site, they wanted to take a stand with us…(how awesome are they?). Together we are donating $6 for every shirt sold from February 18th- February 22nd at www.psiadoreyou.comFunds raised will be given to the SLC CureSearch in honor of Cami and all the other little fighters out there. 

Just look at this darling design that Hello Apparel came up with!
Did you know that GOLD is the color of childhood cancer?  Yep.. that's why Hello Apparel came up with the gold ribbon tee, because every kid deserves a gold ribbon.  We hope you will buy one of these in honor of these children.  Remember their stories when you put it on your kids.  Hopefully it will be a reminder to squeeze your kids a little tighter that day.  
Go here to buy your's today: 

On behalf of all the cancer moms out there and as a cancer mom myself, I thank you for your support.  Even if all you can do is share this post on your own blog or Facebook.. THANK YOU!  
There is not a lot of awareness out there for children because these kids cannot speak for themselves.. it is up to us to help them and your support means the world to me.  
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

P.S. Remember to help them grow old... wear GOLD!!!

This video explains just how underfunded childhood cancer is!
Thank you for helping to cure these kids!

It's a P.S. Small Ones (mash-up) GIVEAWAY!


The Small One's mash-up giveaway!  
P.S is teaming up with some of our favorite vendors to bring you this amazing giveaway!  
One person will win over $250 worth of swag for your kids!  

One lucky winner will take home: A new pair of Fox Paws shoes, a darling handmade doll, a handmade vest onsie, leggings for your little lady, handmade baby shoes, a child sized aviator hat, 2 Roxy Marj coloring books, a Roxy Marj brooch, a Roxy Marj headband, a Roxy Marj handkerchief, and a little boy's tie! 
Basically, it's everything you need to keep your kids in SERIOUS style!  

Just look at all this stuff you could win...

Here are the amazing vendors and what they are so generously giving away:

Folly Parade