May Cancer Cutie Braden

Meet Braden our May cancer cutie. We are so thrilled that he is in remission. We heard about his story last year and couldn't wait to share his story with all of you. Braden you are so BRAVE and STRONG! 

Braden loves the outdoors! We as a family love to go camping and ride our ATV's and go Four Wheeling! He was in the beginning June 2014 having very bad leg pain - I took him to the hospital 3 times in the 4 months and to the doctor 3 times even a physical ! They kept telling me it was growing pains and being a normal boy with the bruising! The doctor at the hospital even told me he may be lying! But I know my son - he handles pain very well and is not a complainer!!! 

September 7th We went on a group trip for our 10th anniversary to Jamaica (our portion was only $1400)! Due to it being such a large group and off season! So we had a entire year to pay on it! 

While we were in Jamaica my mom was watching my kids, Braden was having stomach pains and bruising very bad and went to the hospital! His liver was enlarged and they finally did blood work which then they found the ALL Leukemia! 

It was the worst news I could get! We had to wait like 19.5 hours to get on a plane! The airport was terrible! We couldn't get back fast enough! We could not walk - run - take a boat - drive- we had to wait for the plane - due to it being off season there was only one flight out and it did not leave until 1 pm the next day! 

I have not been able to work! My husband missed a a lot of work and in December we have to stay at the hospital every other week for 2 months for some strong chemo appt! So will miss more! But it is all to cure - make him better!! I would do anything to take his place or make him better! 

Braden is responding to the chemo amazing! He is definitely my little super hero! He is 4 yrs old and is stronger then all of us put together! He use to be afraid of just getting his picture taken at the dentist and now he allows all of them to poke - pinch- get his treatments and take his medication without a fuss! But he does hate to remove the bandaids!! 

Update as of mid April

Braden is doing great! He is in Remission (The best Day of our Life's) it took 4.5 months but he kicked Cancers Butt! It did put him in Very High Risk! It was very hard when the doctors were saying it was gone at day 7! Not expected from anyone! Everyday is a new day we try to take one day / month at a time! He is an Amazing Fighter! I am so proud of him! He spent the holidays and his Birthday at the Childrens Hospital doing high dose Methotrexate!  So he has not been able to do normal kid things but -  We plan to have his Birthday Party at the end of the month;) 

Please head over to and you can make a donation to this strong little fighter. Every penny of your donations this month will go to Braden.