Baby nurseries we love

If there's anything we love as much as baby names, it's buying baby clothes, toys, books and decor. Whether there's a baby on the way or not, nurseries are so fun to plan, shop for, or just pin on Pinterest.

Hence, we've rounded up our favorite nurseries in girl, boy and gender neutral styles. Which one is your favorite?

1. We love the wildflower wallpaper and woodsy theme to this baby girl nursery!

2. This boys nursery is cute without being overly childish. We love the minimalist animal wallpaper and easy access to toys and books.

3. Gray, white and wood makes for a perfect gender neutral nursery that will grow along with your sweet little boy or girl!
4. The tree wallpaper and blush pink makes for a girls nursery that has a unique feminine touch.

5. This bohemian/modern room is so stylish, we'd like to move in ourselves! The bright white walls and light accessories make for a bright space perfect for hanging out with your little bundle all day.

6. The ultimate feminine style, this girls' nursery is luxurious, pretty and fresh.

7. Another girls nursery that is the ultimate feminine style, this sweet room is the perfect pairing of blush pink and mint green.

8. This boys nursery stands out with an accent wall and modern lamp. The plants bring life and a pop of color to the neutral space.

7 Ideas for a ridiculously easy Pokemon party

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know the Pokemon mania of the early aughts is revived once more. Pokemon Go is sure to get your kids ages two to 22 asking for a Pokemon-themed birthday party this summer. And because we know you're all busy mommas, we've rounded up the easiest of easy ideas, most of which require a pen, glue, printer or a little cash.

1. Modern party invites
Pokemon invites can get tacky fast, but these modern invites are pretty — and you don't even have to make them yourself. Buy here.

2. Pikachu cups

Okay, even if you're not an artist, we think you can pull this one off: grab some yellow cups at Party City and pull out the Sharpies to make a handful of super cute Pikachu cups. 

3. "Charmanderin" oranges

This mom is clever, punny and gives us something easy to copy. We love her! Charmanderin oranges are about as simple as it gets...and will trick kids into eating healthy snacks, even at a party.

4. Trainer bags

Heck, you don't even have to fill the bags with anything and the kids will go crazy for them. Our easiest version includes grabbing some tote bags in the Target dollar section and gluing on a felt red ball.

5. Pokemon party favor bags

White lunch bag, red construction tape, a few Pokemon cards...done!

 6. Pokemon display table

So this may look like it requires some effort, but if you take a closer look, you'll see that this table is mainly a cheap table cloth, blown up balloons and some printed out Pokemon characters. We can handle that.

7. Pin the tail on the Pikachu

If you're in the mood for organized games at your kid's party (we usually aren't!), try this simple Pikachu print out. Google a Pikachu image and have it printed as an engineer print at your local Fedex.

Mighty Hero Meg

Meet our beautiful July Mighty Hero Meg. 
Below is Meg's story written by her Mom Lisa. 

Our tough Meg, better known as Megatronstrong was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on February 25th 2015.  When Meg began presenting weird bruising, wasn’t eating well, and this child, who we used to so lovingly call “fart in a skillet” because she never stopped moving, was too tired to finish PE, we knew something wasn’t right.  We took her to our favorite family PA and two days later we received the dreaded phone call. Leukemia.

We were rushed to Primary Children’s Hospital where her 2 ½ years of treatments began and we’ve been living, eating, breathing cancer ever since.

In the first 6 months of treatments we traveled to Salt Lake City from Idaho over 20 times. Meg knew what she had to do to win this battle and never fought going for treatments. Once when leaving the hospital she even said, “For some reason, I just can’t stop smiling.”  Because the first two phases of treatment did not produce the results that her doctors were expecting (low enough percentage of cancer cells left in Meg’s body) she was moved from a standard risk patient to a very high risk patient and therefore, last summer, all of Meg’s chemo had to be done as an in-patient stay at the hospital.  Even though she spent more than 20 days cumulatively of her summer in the hospital Meg’s good spirits rarely waned. She kept her spirits up through her long hospital stays by writing her own lyrics to popular songs. She’s written a total of about 10!



This summer we feel so thankful to be in the spot that we are. Meg is currently in maintenance phase of treatment. Her hair is growing back (and is darling!), she got to attend a week at cancer camp, spends lots of time swimming, playing with friends and for the most part is just living the life of a “normal” 9 year old girl!

 She does take oral chemo every day, has chemo at the hospital and at the oncologist’s office once a month and does a round of steroids each month. Even though the oral chemo makes Meg feel a little whoozy every day, you’d never know it. She keeps on keeping on and being the incredible MEGATRONSTRONG!

We look forward, with hearts full of hope, for late June/early July 2017 when Meg will be completely done with treatment! Until then, we will continue to feel blessed for having this amazing strength, named Meg, in our lives, and for the love and generosity of those around us. We have been abundantly blessed by loved ones and strangers alike. We have learned time and time again that even amid heartache and trial there is beauty to be found.


To donate to Meg click here. Every penny of your donation will go directly to Meg and her family. Meg you are a inspiration to us all. That smile you have lights up the room. All our love and prayers are with you. You are so BRAVE and so strong. #megtronstong

5 summer sunscreen tips every parent should know

Summer is in full swing and if you’re like us, you and the kiddos are spending every waking hour taking advantage of water activities to help beat the heat!

With all the pool trips, water balloon fights and good ol’ playtime with the yard hose comes lots of exposure to the sun. And if there’s anything those tanning beds of our high school days have taught us, it’s that UV rays are NOT our friends.

We recently learned there’s a lot more to sun protection than slathering on sunscreen once at the beginning of the day. Read on for the best takeaway tips for you and your kids!


Buy the right sunscreen. Not all sunscreens are created equal. Look for sunscreen that mentions both UVA and UVB protection, and has an SPF of 30 or higher. Avoid sunscreen that contains hormone-disrupting oxybenzone.

Apply before you get in the sun. Sunscreen takes about 15 minutes to reach its full effectiveness, so if you wait until you are in the sun to apply sunscreen, your skin is still susceptible to burn.

Reapply often. Even water-resistant sunscreen needs to be reapplied every time you get out of the water for a rest. You also need to reapply every hour even if you’re not in water, or as often as the bottle says.

Stick to creams. Spray-on sunscreens are harder to ensure coverage with, and release harmful chemicals into the air you breathe. Doctors advise parents against using spray-on sunscreen on babies, so it’s most wise to stick with cream sunscreen for the whole family.

Use other ways to cover up. Sunscreen blocks some of the sun’s rays, but even the strongest creams can’t completely protect your skin. For the best coverage, wear wide-brim hats, sunglasses and protective clothing. Children under 6 months should be especially covered up, since they do not yet have the melanin needed to protect their skin.

Our top 5 summer reads

Oh summer, how we love thee. To us, summer is equivalent to trips to the pool, grabbing Dirty Diet Cokes on the daily and eating Popsicles on the stoop nightly. And hopefully among all that hard work, we can squeeze in some quality summer reading time.

Our summer reading list has a few key requirements: captivating, light (sorry, we reserve the intense classics for winter time), and preferably set on the beach somewhere (because if we can't be there every day, we can at least read about someone who is!) Read on for our 2016 lineup:

1. This one has been on the NY Times Bestseller list for awhile, and for good reason. It's a mystery, suspense, drama — and the audiobook version has dreamy British accents. Win, win win!

2. This one is the ultimate summer novel, as it takes place on the beaches of Florida and is a quick, captivating read about a girl who enters a baton-twirling competition to win back the attention of her father.

3. "Beautiful Ruins" has been on summer reading lists for a few years now, because the plot line is completely irresistible, switching between current-day Hollywood and Italy in the 60s.

4. We recommend reading this one with a friend. The twists and turns of this summer mystery are so good, you'll be dying to talk to someone about it!

5. Another popular summer reading list title, "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" is quirky and laugh-out-loud funny. You'll love the musings of teenage Bee in the quest to find her missing mother.

June Mighty Hero Annabelle

                                            Meet our gorgeous Mighty Hero Annabelle. 

Annabelle is 11 months old! We live in Eagle Mountain, UT. Annabelle is a blue eyed beauty with gorgeous curly blonde hair! A lot of people comment on how she reminds them of Cindy Lou Who or Shirley Temple. We have even gotten the "Perfect little baby doll" comment! She was just born with a natural beauty. She has been a relatively healthy baby. No fevers, no real illnesses until January of this year. In January, Annabelle grew what looked like an egg out of her neck. The only other symptom she had when this showed up was not sleeping. She had to have it surgically drained and was in the hospital on IV antibiotics for 2 days. She went home and was doing fine until a couple months later. After 2 weeks of not sleeping again, I was worried that she had gotten another infection.I took her in to the doctor and they said she had just caught a little virus, but other than that she was fine. Two weeks later, she was still not sleeping (a month total at this point). We woke up on April 30th at 12:30ish am with Annabelle screaming at the top of her lungs.Nothing we said or did helped her. After my husband and I were passing her back and forth several times trying to comfort her, we happened to find a little bump just under her rib cage. We immediately took her in.They did an ultrasound which found the large abnormality. They confirmed with a few other tests that it was a hepatoblastoma.

Annabelle has a hepatoblastoma in her liver. Hepatoblastoma's are a very rare case of childhood cancer where Primary Children's Hospital only see's about 4 cases each year. In the U.S. there are only about 100 cases of Hepatoblastoma's each year. So there is 1 case for every 1.2 million people. In order to not do chemo before surgery, the tumor has to be at least 1 cm away from the main vein of the liver. Her tumor was exactly 1 cm away from the main vein when we caught it. They took 70 percent of her liver out. There are 5 types of hepatoblastoma's. There is a type where it is extremely aggressive and there is a type where it isn't really aggressive. Annabelle's fell more in the middle. Hers was a little more aggressive but not the worst kind. Now we are starting our chemo journey. She is doing a fantastic job!

Thank goodness her tumor was 1 cm away from the main vein which meant they could resect it before chemo. We had her surgery on Friday May 6th where they took out 70% of her liver. Annabelle started Chemo on May 20th. She is a champ! We are so grateful to everyone for all of the love, support and prayers offered in Annabelle's behalf!

Ever since the news broke of Annabelle's cancer, hundreds of people have reached out to offer their prayers and love. She has inspired people all over the United States in bringing people together in fasting and prayer. Her smile makes any heart melt and she brings joy to everyone who sees her at the Hospital while during one of her many wagon rides. But I will say that Annabelle has been an inspiration most of all for her Mom and Dad and her brother and sisters. We are strong because Annabelle is strong.

We are sending all our love and prayers to this amazing family. Stay strong Annabelle. We love you! You can donated to Annabelle and her family by clicking here. Every penny of your donation will go to Annabelle.

5 signs the 90s are making a fashion comeback in a big way

Ah the 90s...the days of sipping on Strawberry Kiwi Snapple in the lunch room, cruising the mall with a mini backpack and Orange Julius in hand, dousing ourselves in Lucky perfume and always making sure our puka shells are on point.

Some things about the 90s make us want to gag, but other things are oh-so-good. Hence, we are pumped about some of the best of the 90s coming back around almost 20 years later! (Eek, has it really been that long?!) Read on for our favorite fashion trends that have us singing Britney and Justin tunes on repeat:

1. Choker necklaces. Like all the most tasteful trend comebacks, we like the idea of taking the classy route with chokers this time around. They are surprisingly versatile and show off a pretty collarbone in a way that no other accessories can!
2. Busted-knee jeans. If the 90s remind us of any one thing, it's grunge fashion and music. Busted knee jeans are the ultimate icon of grunge fashion, and we'll proudly add this unkempt look to any outfit.
3. Adidas, Birkenstocks and platform shoes. 90s shoes are all over the place when you stop and look around. We couldn't decide on just one favorite because they're all so good and — even more importantly — comfortable!

4. Denim skirts. We are so glad to see this trend come back because it adds another cool and comfortable option for our summer wardrobe rotation. Shorts can only take you so far, but even busy moms can rock the denim skirt with style and ease.
5. Overalls. Like many other girls we know, we can't get enough of this fun throwback look. We're swiping them up in skinny and culotte styles for both us and our littles.

6. Backpacks. Convenience is king, and backpacks couldn't be more perfect for busy day-to-day life of running errands and rounding up kids. We love that backpacks allow for two free hands at all times and add an effortlessly cool look to any outfit combination.
7. Shirt around the waist. We always miss the chance to layer in the summertime, but a lightweight shirt around the waist allows us to still do it and stay cool. Tie a chambray top around the waist with a swing dress or plaid skirt with a simple jeans and tee.