The most popular names of 2016 so far

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Back in January we posted about the most popular baby names last year...and it was our most viewed blog post to date! Clearly, you guys love obsessing over baby names as much as we do. (We line up serious name contenders as if we are going to have 20 kids...tomorrow!)

Hence, we decided it was time to revisit the topic halfway through the year, finding out the most popular baby names of 2016 so far. We also added in links to some other fun articles that popped up in our research. Because you can never have too much baby name inspiration! Read on for the deets.

According to Nameberry, there are a few names that have had a serious spike in the past six months. These names have been the most visited individual name pages on their site so far this year:

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As usual, Biblical names have a strong presence on the boys naming front, with Ezra topping the list this time around. Jude and Jasper got the boot from last year's top 10 and were replaced with Levi and Wyatt.

The ever-popular Olivia overtook Charlotte for the No. 1 spot this year, along with a slew of new, long A-names like Arabella, Aurora, Amelia and Adeline.

If the top 10 names wasn't enough to satisfy you, The Huffington Post came out with an extended list for 2016 so far....100 glorious baby names for each gender!

We also came across a list of names that have seen the biggest percentage increase in popularity this summer. Some of them are hard to believe...but hey, pop culture makes people do crazy things. Apparently we'll be seeing some baby girl Thomasins and Leires popping up here soon, along with some Star Wars-inspired baby boys named Kylo.


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