Prints for Brielle

Have you read Brielle's story?  She is our featured fighter this month.  Brielle is smart, funny, kind, and her smile is brighter than a 1000 watt bulb (seriously she lights up the room with that grin of hers).  Brielle is unlike our other featured fighters because just a few weeks ago the Doctors gave her the news that her cancer is back for a third time.  After over 2 years of treatments including: two bone marrow transplants, horrific amounts of radiation, unheard amounts of chemo, and practically living in the hospital or isolation there is nothing more the doctors can do for sweet Brielle.  Obviously her family is heartbroken, but Brielle remains a rock.  She even visited her 6th grade class to tell them the news and ended up comforting all her classmates, telling them it would be ok.  Brielle is a shining star.  Her and her family are dealing with so much right now and finaces should NOT be one of their worries!

So we decided to host a special deal just for Brielle.  We put this deal together at the last minute because of the circumstances and we were honored that so many amazing designers came together to to support our shining star and her family.  We hope you love these prints as much as we do.  We hope these prints will be a reminder to you each day of Brielle and her example of strength, love, and courage.  We hope they remind you to hold your loved ones a little closer and to not sweat the small stuff.  Please head over to P.S. I Adore You to donate or buy a print for this precious girl and her family.  

We have brought together some of the best designers around.. these people are seriously tallented!  Each print will be just $5 (that is a STEAL!) and can be printed out as many times as you want!  Think baby showers, wedding gifts, Christmas, Birthday's, etc.  You will use them over and over again and you can feel good knowing that EVERY PENNY was sent to this family.  Thank you all for your support!

UPDATE: If you would like to order these prints please send us an email at as this deal was disabled on our site, but we are still happy to sell you a print and send the money to Brielle and her family!  -thanks!

Check out a sampling of these amazing prints guys...

Go to to order one of EACH!  

Bonus... if you buy 5 prints or more you will receive a FREE bitty doll!
(while supplies last.)  Donated by the amazing ladies at Swanky Jane's!

GIANT Mindy Mae giveaway!

Hey guys, we are so excited to be working with Mindy Mae's Market to bring you this GIANT giveaway!  We aren't just going to have one winner.. we will have THREE winners!  YAY!  
Hurry and enter.. you don't want to miss this one!

Cure the KIDS with Shelly Bee Originals!

We have been so excited for this day to get here!  We are in LOVE with Shelley Bee Original skirts, so when she contacted us and wanted to help our little fighters.. we were THRILLED!  Not only did Shelley want to help, but she brought the girls from Lunch Pails and Lipstick on board (have you read their blog.. it is one of our favorites)!  The L&L girls handpicked the fabric for these skirts and guess what?  Shelley is offering them to P.S. I Adore You EXCLUSIVELY!  That's right folks, you can only get them here and what's even better, they are discounted AND 100% of proceeds will be going to CureSearch for childhood cancer research!  You can't get any better than that!  

So.. head on over to P.S. I Adore You and get yourself a few of these darling, comfy, versatile skirts.  We PROMISE you wont regret it!  

 Women's tribal: $22

They even found this amazing gold polkadot fabric!  
Did you know that gold is the color for childhood cancer?  

Kids & toddler gold polkadot: $12

Baby gold polkadot: $8

We also want to talk a little about CureSearch and what it means to us.  As most of you know, my daughter Cami had cancer herself.  She went through 3 years of treatment and is now CANCER FREE!  Oh, it feels so good to say that!  It is because of the research that was done over the past 25 years that Cami is here today, but she will most likely suffer consequences from the harsh chemo she was given over those 3 years.  Childhood cancer is currently being treated (in most cases) with the same drugs as adult cancers, so those little delicate organs are subject to a lot of damage.  These kids need more gentle cures for their little bodies, but only 4% of the federal cancer research budget goest to pediatric cancers?  4%!  That is just not enough to find better cures for these kids!  It is up to private fundraising to get these kids the cures the deserve.  Too many kids aren't making it, too many kids are taken from this earth way too early.   My dream is to have at least the same cure rate as breast cancer... and these kids deserve that!

Huge thank you's to the fabulous Shelley at Shelley Bee Originals and the girls at Lunch Pails and Lipstick.  You have all gone above and beyond to help us with this cause that is so dear to our hearts.  Thank you to each and every one of you who have purchased from our Cure the KIDS deals.  We are thrilled with the response and support we have gotten.  It touches our hearts when friends come together to tackle a common goal and each of you have helped in your own way.  Thank you!

Now, GO... get yourself a skirt... and feel GOOD about it! 
Chelsea (Cami's mom)