6 spring styles to copy now

As much as we love layers in the cold season, there's nothing like shedding them at the first sign of spring! We are pumped about these spring styles that allow us to walk out the door without being bundled to the max. Read on for more spring wardrobe inspiration:

1. Lace-up flats: These are definitely the must-have shoe of spring. Every time we see them in a shop they are sold-out in record time! We adore the elegant look that is a fun twist on ballerina shoes.
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2. Overalls: Elementary school days are back in the best way possible. Overalls are a fun alternative to jeans and we are all about them this year!

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3. Jumpsuits: Despite the struggle that comes when you've gotta run to the bathroom...jumpsuits are totally amazing to rock this spring! Full-length or short, floral or denim — we like pretty much every option our there.
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4. Clogs, clogs, and more clogs! They're a comfortable, practical way to wear heels and add a funky twist to any outfit. 

5. Mom jeans: We'll admit that this trend is more for the daring, but we're welcoming it with open arms. The high waist and slightly baggier fit make it a refreshing change from dark skinny jeans of the past.
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6. Floral maxi dresses. Floral has been a chart-topping trend for several years now, and we aren't complaining one bit! This year, floral maxi dresses are all over the place and perfect for channeling your inner boho goddess.
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10 perfect dinners to deliver to a friend

Whenever someone has a baby or has some other need, food is a great way to show love and support. But despite good intentions of friends, they may end up with a fridge full of lasagna and wishing for some other meal to switch it up a little.

To avoid lasagna takeover, we've come up with a list of slightly less common meals that are still crowd-pleasing and easy to transport. Wins all around! Read on for our ideas:

1. Chicken pot pie

Comforting, crowd-pleasing and easy on the budget, chicken pot pie is a guaranteed winner for anyone in need. We love the idea of using a puff pastry crust to make it even easier!

2. Enchiladas

Who doesn't love Mexican food? Pork, chicken, beef or vegetarian — enchiladas can be made in a convenient casserole dish and totally customized for any diet.

3. Calzones

Calzones are a fun idea that most people would never think to make when they deliver dinner, but they're easy, affordable and can even be frozen for the family to pop in the oven later on.

4. Beef stew

It's a Sunday dinner classic perfect for any night of the week. Throw it in the crock pot in the morning, unplug and take the whole pot over to your friend that night.

5. Homemade mac and cheese

An alternative to lasagna, homemade macaroni and cheese is a pasta dish that's equally comforting but not as common. You can sneak in some veggies for a healthy twist or use unique cheeses to make it more gourmet.

6. Copycat Cafe Rio (or Chipotle) salads

Here in our home state of Utah we get cravings for Cafe Rio on the regular, but if you haven't had the pleasure of trying this Utah hot spot, Chipotle is a close comparison. It's relatively healthy, versatile and always a good way to win over a crowd.

7. Quiche

Quiche is about as convenient as it gets for delivering dinner. If you throw in a side salad and loaf of French bread you've got a complete meal that can be vegetarian or not.

8. Chicken salad sandwiches

We think of chicken salad sandwiches as a classic baby shower or chick food — but it makes a great light dinner that can be used as leftovers for days afterward.

9. Soup and homemade bread

If you're delivering dinner in the winter months, soup is a go-to meal that has SO many options. We love chili, zuppa toscana or potato cheese for a meal to please all ages.

10. Beef and broccoli with rice

This takeout favorite can be easily made at home and will definitely be a nice change of pace from the typical meals your friends will probably be receiving other nights of the week.

8 children's brands you should know

If there's anything we love more than shopping for ourselves, it's shopping for our mini-me's. Everything is cuter in pint-size, and children's clothes and accessories are no exception!

While we love Baby Gap as much as the next gal, at PS we are always on the hunt for small businesses we can support. Here is a roundup of some of our favorites!

1. Solly Baby Wraps

Made of super breathable, stretchy and high-end fabric, the Solly Baby wrap is a must-have for the first year of your babe's life!

2. Zuzii footwear

We love baby moccasins, but the next step is lace-up oxfords. These ones are high-quality, comfortable for small fit and come in tons of adorable colors and patterns.

3. Roxy Marj

We adore this artist and think everything she touches turns to gold. From her prints to her baby accessories, a few Roxy Marj items will turn every moment into something totally Instagram-worthy.

4. Milkmaid Goods

Milkmaid makes darling nursing covers and swaddle wraps that are just as functional as they are stylish. Win-win!

5. June and January

When it comes to baby basics, June and January is your go-to company. They have great onesies, head wraps, baby loungewear and more.

Merrilee Liddiard is a creative genius! We love her Etsy shop as well as her book "Playful," which is full of creative projects to fill snow days and keep your kiddos having fun — even away from the screen.

The Twig Co makes eco-friendly toys that allow their imagination to run wild — and look chic at the same time. No obnoxious sounds or tacky cartoon characters in sight here.

Etsy is just swimming with darling clothing lines, and Kutikati is no exception. Their clothes come in organic, trendy fabrics you and your babe will love.