Festive Eats: Breakfast, Snack, and Dessert!

Who likes to play with their food? ;) The holidays and having little ones around definitely calls for festive eats! First up, breakfast:

BREAKFAST: A big thank you to pinterest for this one! Who can resist a little Rudolph the Red-nosed pancake for breakfast? Two flapjacks for the head, chocolate chips or blueberries for the eyes, a raspberry (or red M&M or strawberry) for the nose, and bacon for the antlers and you're set!

Next, SNACK TIME: a healthy holiday treat! We've seen fruit and vegetable Christmas trees before, served at holiday parties, and they're always a big hit. But why not make a simple version that our kiddos can take part in making? We did, and it was a hit--even for our little party of 2 the other afternoon! The details are in a guest post over on the lovely blog Dear Lindsay--go here to check it out! Plus it works as an activity, snack time, and meal prep!

And top it off with DESSERT: Whether it's for your own family, or a plate for your neighbors, there's nothing like a festive-shaped cookies! And gingerbread cookies are sure to make your kitchen smell heavenly and your belly happy. Ours the other day were a bit on the dry side (hence the extra-long soak in milk;) but this recipe for gingerbread men on Jenny Evans: Gatherings blog is tried and true! Then I just melted some white chocolate and piped it on for the "frosting".

Happy Holidays everyone!

Care to share some of your favorite festive eats??

The Heart of a True Princess/Prince

Feel free to save and print the Princess/Prince images as a "thank you" for supporting Rae. xo
You never know the places you'll find inspiration. When I saw a commercial on the Disney Junior channel almost a year ago, I couldn't help but record it to write down what was said--and then created the print above. :) It was a young girl saying simple words, but they were so powerful. Imagine if every girl (and boy) could have similar feelings--especially that "having big dreams is important, but having a big heart is more important." The heart of a true princess or a prince is one that is kind to others and knows that they can make a difference--that every little, good deed makes all the difference. 

The sweet princess in the foreground of this photo is Raenalynn, this month's Cancer Cutie. We are so grateful for those who have been able to donate to Rae and her family! Thank you for your big hearts. And wonderful news! Millie's Princess Foundation is going to be MATCHING donations AGAIN, up to $2500 which could become $5000, for sweet Rae!!! Their generosity is inspiring! So let's do this, together. We can do little things that will make a big different in the lives of Rae and her family. 

For those that want to keep up with the incredible Millie's Princess Foundation...go to their site here, Facebook page here, and Instagram here. :)

And here's a little reminder of a couple products on PS I Adore You that are benefiting Raenalynn and other family's dealing with cancer! :) First, there's the darling Alphabet Coloring Book for just $5, with all proceeds going to Rae! You can also get Cancer Fighting Swords, reminding our kids that together we can fight for a cause, and a portion goes to helping families who are battling cancer. Again thank you for your support friends!


The prints below are yours for free, as a "thank you" for supporting our cause and donating to families like Raenalynn's--you can do so here.  Cheers to encouraging the princesses and princes in our lives to be brave and have big hearts that do good! xo

(This second Princess print is just to match the new Prince one) 

DIY Wooden Plaque Chalkboard

Finally jumping on the chalkboard-paint train! And I'm a fan. :) I love the sleek yet relaxed look of chalkboard, and combined with a rustic wood plaque, I couldn't resist. Thought I'd share a little DIY project using it. The holidays get me in a crafty mood, anyone the same?  

The supplies you'll need are a wood plaque (I found mine at Joann Fabric & Craft store, but here is a similar one), chalkboard paint, paint brush, pencil, and chalk. That's it! :) First thing you'll want to do is use a pencil to slightly trace a line along the outer edge that will make painting easier.

 Then paint 3 thin, even layers of chalkboard paint, letting them dry in between layer (I waited a couple hours before painting each one). Then let the last layer dry and set for a full day.

You'll want to season the chalkboard by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk over the whole chalkboard surface evenly, then erase (I juse use a paper towel and it words great, and I'd do it near a garbage can, there's lots of dust). That's so when you write/draw for the first time it doesn't leave marks that won't completely erase.

And ta-da!! Simple as that. :)

It was fun making it, and has been even more fun using it! I've enjoyed writing messages, making lists, and the best is watching my little boy learn to trace his letters on the chalkboard. :) One more part I forgot to mention! If you want to hang yours up on the wall, we're big fans of Command Picture Hanging Strips and they worked great! Just be sure to use a few. And, while I loved making ours, if you want skip the DIY part, you can head over to the lovely The Flybird etsy shop and buy your own wooden chalkboard!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful December!

Meet Raenalynn!

Today we are introducing Raenalynn, a little beauty who is battling a rare brain cancer tumor called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. Rae was 3 years old when diagnosed with this tumor that's 100% terminal. She has had 30 radiation treatments over a span of 6 weeks and is on a trial chemotherapy. Currently she is in her 7th of 12 cycles of the chemo, and she has had 4 MRIs--the one after radiation showed the tumor shrank 47%! And every MRI since has shown the tumor is thankfully stable. 

Rae is now 7 months post diagnosis and she and her family are taking it day by day. Over the last half a year of going through treatment and procedures, Raenalynn has continuously smiled that sweet, contagious smile. :) Always inspiring others with her fighting spirit, "RAE IS MY HERO," is worn on shirts and bracelets by so many that love her. And the number one person who looks up to her as his hero is her little brother, Xander. The family says that sweet, little 2 year old keeps their family's life balanced. And they are in it together, to support and love each other through it all! 

Raenalynn is a strong girl with a beautiful heart! She has been lifted and loved by so many, and the future support given means the world to her and her family. Thank you all for reading Rae's story, your positive thoughts, prayers, and support are appreciated more than you know!

^^ Some of Rae's empty or leftover medication bottles, before her mom disposed of them. It's heartbreaking to see how much these little ones have to take. ^^
^^ Raenalynn's sweet artistic work on the right. ^^
^^ Raenalynn and her sweet mom. Rae received and gave so much love at "Rae's Royal Ball" this summer. ^^
^^ Little Xander, Rae's brother, proudly wearing his "Rae is my HERO" shirt! ^^


Let's help make this Christmas and New Year for Raenalynn and her family, the best yet! We appreciate each and every donation made in her name--financial relief for a family dealing with medical bills means more than words can say. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Happy Holidays everyone!!