What's the worst motherhood advice you've ever heard?

People love giving advice. And anyone who has been expecting or taken a peek at the Baby Center message boards knows people really love giving advice about parenthood.
Though we love parents coming together to help each other out, we've come across a lot of bad parenting advice in our day. In fact, we've heard so much, we thought it would be entertaining to do a round up of the worst parenting advice from around the internet.

  • “I was told that if you hold a newborn or infant too much, you’ll spoil them.”-Beaniesmommy
  • “When your baby is teething, rub some hard liquor on their gums. That should do the trick. They might even sleep better.” -makchic
  • “If your baby bites you when you’re breast-feeding and you want him/her to stop, all you have to do is bite back.” -makchic
  • “Don’t vaccinate your child. It can lead to autism.” -makchic
  • “Don’t let your baby stand up too soon. She’ll be bow-legged for life.” -makchic
  • The comment - Wait until they're teenagers! I can't stand that! Give teens a chance! Goodness, if we expect the worst from them why would they ever try and do better! -@gparrish
  • The worst advice I read all over the internet nowadays (and heard all around me) is that I shouldn't let my newborn baby cry. -@gparrish
  • Create a schedule. Ughhh NO! One thing I've learned is that expectations and over planning just cause disappointment and frustration. Having well behaved kids that go with our flow is what works for us. -@gparrish
  • "Hit your kid to teach him/her that hitting is bad." - Alexandra
  • Rub whiskey on your baby's - How Stuff Works


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