5 signs the 90s are making a fashion comeback in a big way

Ah the 90s...the days of sipping on Strawberry Kiwi Snapple in the lunch room, cruising the mall with a mini backpack and Orange Julius in hand, dousing ourselves in Lucky perfume and always making sure our puka shells are on point.

Some things about the 90s make us want to gag, but other things are oh-so-good. Hence, we are pumped about some of the best of the 90s coming back around almost 20 years later! (Eek, has it really been that long?!) Read on for our favorite fashion trends that have us singing Britney and Justin tunes on repeat:

1. Choker necklaces. Like all the most tasteful trend comebacks, we like the idea of taking the classy route with chokers this time around. They are surprisingly versatile and show off a pretty collarbone in a way that no other accessories can!
2. Busted-knee jeans. If the 90s remind us of any one thing, it's grunge fashion and music. Busted knee jeans are the ultimate icon of grunge fashion, and we'll proudly add this unkempt look to any outfit.
3. Adidas, Birkenstocks and platform shoes. 90s shoes are all over the place when you stop and look around. We couldn't decide on just one favorite because they're all so good and — even more importantly — comfortable!

4. Denim skirts. We are so glad to see this trend come back because it adds another cool and comfortable option for our summer wardrobe rotation. Shorts can only take you so far, but even busy moms can rock the denim skirt with style and ease.
5. Overalls. Like many other girls we know, we can't get enough of this fun throwback look. We're swiping them up in skinny and culotte styles for both us and our littles.

6. Backpacks. Convenience is king, and backpacks couldn't be more perfect for busy day-to-day life of running errands and rounding up kids. We love that backpacks allow for two free hands at all times and add an effortlessly cool look to any outfit combination.
7. Shirt around the waist. We always miss the chance to layer in the summertime, but a lightweight shirt around the waist allows us to still do it and stay cool. Tie a chambray top around the waist with a swing dress or plaid skirt with a simple jeans and tee.


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