What's in my diaper bag

We love a good "what's in my bag" post as much as the next gal — it seems crazy how fascinating it can be, but it's kind of like a peek into someone's everyday life and tells so much about a person, so in that way it makes sense that it's so interesting.

Here is the haul of our social media manager Brooke — a 29-year-old mother of a girl named Liv (age 2) and a boy named Beau (2 months).

Hey PS friends! Brooke here with a peek inside my diaper bag — or I guess I should say backpack. I love this backpack I found at Barnes & Noble, of all places. It has tons of pockets, is very durable and super roomy. Plus, it leaves my arms free for baby wrangling all day and doesn't hurt my shoulder when I have a ton of stuff in it.

Here's what's in my bag!

Clockwise from the top:
  • this wallet from Target is a favorite that I just keep replacing every few years because it gets the job done so perfectly!
  • Amazon brand wipes are my new favorite! Cheap, good texture and good amount of wetness.
  • Munchkin miracle cups really are a miracle! Great for toddlers who want a "big kid" cup but still tend to spill
  • Costco apple sauce packets are a perfect snack for my two-year-old when we are out and about. I also snack on them when I'm getting hangry!
  • I absolutely love my watermelon iPhone 6+ phone case from RedBubble. Here is a similar one.
  • Can't go anywhere without to-go hand sanitizer for after diaper changes
  • These ginger mints from Trader Joes are a new favorite!
  • This Hare Magic Moroccan lipstick is seriously all I ever wear. It's natural-looking but adds color, stays on forever and keeps your lips moist. The set has tons of shades from plum to neon pink.
  • Kid's Clif Z-bars are another favorite of both me and my daughter. Filling and healthy snack with not too much sugar like other bars.
  • I have serious issues with leaky Camelbak water bottles, but I bought this Avex bottle three months ago and have had zero leaks so far!
  • Lastly, I must have diapers in my diaper bag, of course! I like Luvs for their low cost and leak-proof night guard.


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