25 ideas to add to your family's summer bucket list

We're always trying to think of fun new family outings, and the beginning of each new season seems like the perfect time to sit down and brainstorm some fresh ideas. Hence, we love the idea of a family summer bucket list! But if you're like us and tend to draw a blank on creative ideas, check out our list below for some fun to-do items to add to your list. Then let the fun begin!

1. Join your local library's summer reading program
2. Go strawberry picking and deliver homemade jam to neighbors
3. Ride bikes to the local sno cone stand
4. Have a picnic in a field
5. Make homemade giant bubbles
6. Have a water balloon fight
7. Sleep under the stars

8. Visit the farmers market and make dinner from your purchases
9. Make homemade popsicles
10. Build a bird feeder and identify the birds that stop by to visit
11. Host a slip-n-slide party for friends
12. Watch movies in the park
13. Make your own sidewalk chalk paint
14. Have a charcoal BBQ at the park with friends
15. Go geocaching

16. Host a lemonade stand
17. Go on a spontaneous 1-day road trip
18. Have a movie night and popcorn bar
19. Plant flowers in the yard
20. Grow a garden
21. Create and bury a family time capsule
22. Build a playhouse out of cardboard
23. Have an ice cream making contest
24. Play baseball as a family in the backyard
25. Host a car wash and donate the money to charity


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