15 winning toys for toddlers

There's nothing worse than collecting piles and piles of expensive toys that your kid never has any interest in playing with. Sometimes the beautiful, handmade toys we love just aren't a hit with our children. And other times we spend big bucks on the flashiest, most obnoxious toys and they go untouched for months!

Hence, we decided to come up with a sure-fire list of toys for kids...starting with the most hard to please of the bunch: toddlers! Read on for a round-up of toys both boys and girls will love.

1. Doctor's kit Toddlers are really starting to get their imagination going, and this doctor kit facilitates that. Plus, it's a great break for you as you lay on the couch to get your checkup. :-)
2. Tegu magnetic blocks set These blocks are one of those toys that are both beautiful for adults to appreciate and entertaining for kids. They are well worth the cost and so genius - no block tumbling disasters on the road, airplane, church bench, etc!

3. Little Tikes slide For when kids need to get some energy out, we love this slide perfect for the littlest kids in the family. Keep it in the house in the winter months and your kids will love you for it!
4. I Spy books Story time can get boring real quick when the kids want to read the same book over and over, but luckily the "I Spy" books break up the monotony. Perfect for object recognition, vocabulary building, etc.

5.  Magna-tiles Like Tegu blocks, these magnetic pieces are perfect for travel and really bring out the imagination of your child. You can't go wrong with Magna-tiles!

6. Shopping cart After blowing through a few cheap plastic shopping carts/strollers, we say this more aesthetically pleasing cart by Melissa and Doug is a worthy investment. Your kids will love that it looks like the real deal, too!
7. Bath dropz We're always looking for ways to kick things up a notch at bath time, and these color drops fit the bill. Kids love watching the water turn colors and picking out the drops for the nightly bath.
8. Play kitchen Every kid loves to pretend cook, and this one is pretty enough to keep in your own kitchen so the kiddos can cook alongside you.
9. Little People farm We love all the Little People series, and this farm set is especially cute for animal-obsessed toddlers. Practice animal sounds and watch them play for a good 30 mins — a.k.a. eternity in toddler time.
10. Play-Doh kit Oh, Play-Doh. We love the time you buy us when we need to get things done, but hate the messes you make. Hence, we love the Play-Doh fun factory kit for keeping the messes isolated to Play-Doh friendly tools (no more smashing the dough into the Barbie house!). Bring it to the table for special occasions and your toddler will be in heaven.
11. Basketball hoop The perfect size for tiny tots, this basketball hoop will help kids hone their fine motor skills and get a head start on their NBA dreams.
12. Plasma car We often sell these cars as a deal on PS, and they are always a smash hit! These cars aren't just for toddlers — they'll seriously entertain your kids for a good ten years or more!


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