Mighty Hero Mckenzie!

Meet our April Mighty Hero Mckenzie. What a beauty!

McKenzie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on September 25, 2015. She will be undergoing treatment until 2018.
She had join paint, bruises started popping up all over her body and she was extremely tired.

She's so strong and such a fighter. She also has a great attitude. She understands she is sick and can't attend school and gymnastics, etc like her friends, and she has gracefully accepted that. 

This beautiful 4 year old loves to ride her bike and play with her pet bunny, Hershey. She also enjoys coloring, going to the playground, playing dress-up, having her toe nails painted, singing and dancing, and playing with friends.

Mckenzie said her 6 year old brother Sawyer is her hero. You Mckenzie are brave and inspirational and are our HERO!

Her sweet smile and laugh helps us get through the tough times. The support of family and friends has been truly amazing and we could not go through this journey without them. Also, our faith keeps us going.

Every penny donated will go to Mckenzie and her family. Click here to donate www.psiadoreyou.com 
Mckenzie you are so strong and we are sending all our love and prayers! You got this pretty girl! STAY STRONG! 


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