Mighty Hero Hayes

Meet our Mighty Hero Hayes. He is our hero for the month of February. This handsome little stud needs all our love and prayers as he starts treatment next week. We are sending all our love and prayers to you! Every penny of your donation will go to Hayes. Go to  www.psiadoreyou.com Stay strong handsome! You got this!

In December, Hayes started getting sick. He was throwing up, sleeping a lot, and wouldn’t really eat. Every time Steve and Savanna took him to the doctors, they told them he just had a virus… it was going around. After hearing this for five weeks, they knew it wasn’t right. They had five other kids at home and none of them were sick. If it was a virus, someone else would have caught it. 

On January 7th, 2016, they decided that they needed to take him to Primary’s Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. They did a scan and found a mass in his brain. 

The next day Hayes went in for surgery to have it removed. They were able to remove the tumor but it was large and malignant. The tumor was sent to pathology. 

On January 19, 2016, pathology came back and Hayes was diagnosed with Choroid Plexus Carcinoma, an extremely rare form of cancer that affects 1 in 3 million people. It’s so rare that doctors in Utah have never treated it. 

It is very early yet and we do not know much information right now, but we do know that the family is going to need every bit of help they can get to provide Hayes the very best treatment.  They have enough to worry about, we don’t want them to have to worry about any financial burdens. Even though they have medical insurance, we know there will be lots of things they have to pay for. 

Hayes is a tough kid and is a fighter! In fact, his parents told me that he has a triplet brother that is much bigger than he is. They still remember their first fight over a toy. Hayes had this tenacity although his brother was stronger, Hayes had this unbelievable determination to fight for what he wanted. Hayes was the last baby born out of the triplets and immediately was put on a ventilator. He quickly got off the ventilator and was eventually the first baby to come home. His parents have always known that Hayes is determined. He has a tenacious mentality that they haven't seen from their other kids. 

His middle name is Kyle, after Chris Kyle from American Sniper. He has defied the odds from the beginning… when they first found out that they were expecting triplets they initially heard only two heartbeats. The ultrasound revealed three babies, but they couldn't hear his heartbeat. The Doctor wasn't very optimistic that he would develop giving him a 50/50 chance, but after only a week they went back and heard Hayes' heartbeat. He was determined to come to their family and be a part of the happy chaos that is the Tate family! 

Hayes is a tough little guy and is surrounded by an incredible family, including amazing parents, a 9 year old brother, a 7 year old sister, a four year old brother and his fellow 10 mos old brother and sister triplets. It takes a village… and there is a strong village that will be there for Hayes and his family every step of the way.

After meeting with the Oncologists at Primary's Children's Medical Center and doing our due diligence with St. Jude's, Savanna and I have decided to stay here for Hayes' treatment. The treatment could start as early as Friday, but we will definitely be starting by next week. It will consist of an aggressive chemo therapy regime of 6 month's inpatient. Savanna will be at the hospital with Hayes while I stay home with the other 5 kids. We are extremely grateful for the support so far and we will continue to lean on it for these next 6 months. We are extremely grateful for the love everyone has shown us. We plan on beating this and having a party in July to celebrate. It's time to beat cancer and Hayes will do it. I know! #prayforHayes #Hayestough


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