Creative Valentine's Day ideas for your man

Why are guys always SO hard to do something thoughtful for? Girls are totally easy — flowers, a sentimental letter, candles, a spa gift card...but how to guys like to be pampered on the day of love?

We've been racking our brains trying to think of something for the men in our lives, so we figured we'd share the best of our findings. Read on for some inspiration!

1. Love letter review night. Spend the evening looking through memorabilia from when you first met. Share notes, pictures, and bonus points if you let him read your diary!

2. Plan a year of dates in a box. We love this idea from The Babes Ruth blog. It takes the guess work out of the weekend and gives you something to look forward to at least once a month - though you could certainly plan even more!

3. Write "open when" letters. This one requires a lot of thought — which is what makes it such an amazing gift! It's completely free of cost, but 100% full of love. See this blog post for more details!

4. Relive your first moments together. - Whether you go to the place you first met or eat at the restaurant you first had dinner together, reliving the early days of your relationship will surely spark some fire.

5. Make a slideshow of memories. This blog post gives a tutorial on making the easiest slideshow ever — find some sweet photos of your time together and you are set!

6. Send text messages throughout the day that each start with,  “I love you because…” This one makes the whole day a little bit more special, and it's very easy to do. Send a text every hour or at least a few throughout the day. Everyone loves to hear why they are loved!

7. Give him a Sensual Valentine box. This list wouldn't be complete without something to really spice things up on Valentine's Day. :-) This blog post gives ideas for a light-hearted, fun way to appeal to all the senses with your man.

8. Dinner in bed. We all dream about breakfast in bed, but dinner in bed could be just as amazing. You'll avoid the busy restaurant seen, don't have to get dressed up, and can cozy up and watch a movie, go to sleep — or not — immediately following the meal. :-)


Sierra Burton said...

I love these ideas! Wish I would have checked your blog out sooner!

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