The Heart of a True Princess/Prince

Feel free to save and print the Princess/Prince images as a "thank you" for supporting Rae. xo
You never know the places you'll find inspiration. When I saw a commercial on the Disney Junior channel almost a year ago, I couldn't help but record it to write down what was said--and then created the print above. :) It was a young girl saying simple words, but they were so powerful. Imagine if every girl (and boy) could have similar feelings--especially that "having big dreams is important, but having a big heart is more important." The heart of a true princess or a prince is one that is kind to others and knows that they can make a difference--that every little, good deed makes all the difference. 

The sweet princess in the foreground of this photo is Raenalynn, this month's Cancer Cutie. We are so grateful for those who have been able to donate to Rae and her family! Thank you for your big hearts. And wonderful news! Millie's Princess Foundation is going to be MATCHING donations AGAIN, up to $2500 which could become $5000, for sweet Rae!!! Their generosity is inspiring! So let's do this, together. We can do little things that will make a big different in the lives of Rae and her family. 

For those that want to keep up with the incredible Millie's Princess Foundation...go to their site here, Facebook page here, and Instagram here. :)

And here's a little reminder of a couple products on PS I Adore You that are benefiting Raenalynn and other family's dealing with cancer! :) First, there's the darling Alphabet Coloring Book for just $5, with all proceeds going to Rae! You can also get Cancer Fighting Swords, reminding our kids that together we can fight for a cause, and a portion goes to helping families who are battling cancer. Again thank you for your support friends!


The prints below are yours for free, as a "thank you" for supporting our cause and donating to families like Raenalynn's--you can do so here.  Cheers to encouraging the princesses and princes in our lives to be brave and have big hearts that do good! xo

(This second Princess print is just to match the new Prince one) 


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