DIY Wooden Plaque Chalkboard

Finally jumping on the chalkboard-paint train! And I'm a fan. :) I love the sleek yet relaxed look of chalkboard, and combined with a rustic wood plaque, I couldn't resist. Thought I'd share a little DIY project using it. The holidays get me in a crafty mood, anyone the same?  

The supplies you'll need are a wood plaque (I found mine at Joann Fabric & Craft store, but here is a similar one), chalkboard paint, paint brush, pencil, and chalk. That's it! :) First thing you'll want to do is use a pencil to slightly trace a line along the outer edge that will make painting easier.

 Then paint 3 thin, even layers of chalkboard paint, letting them dry in between layer (I waited a couple hours before painting each one). Then let the last layer dry and set for a full day.

You'll want to season the chalkboard by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk over the whole chalkboard surface evenly, then erase (I juse use a paper towel and it words great, and I'd do it near a garbage can, there's lots of dust). That's so when you write/draw for the first time it doesn't leave marks that won't completely erase.

And ta-da!! Simple as that. :)

It was fun making it, and has been even more fun using it! I've enjoyed writing messages, making lists, and the best is watching my little boy learn to trace his letters on the chalkboard. :) One more part I forgot to mention! If you want to hang yours up on the wall, we're big fans of Command Picture Hanging Strips and they worked great! Just be sure to use a few. And, while I loved making ours, if you want skip the DIY part, you can head over to the lovely The Flybird etsy shop and buy your own wooden chalkboard!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful December!


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