Festive Eats: Breakfast, Snack, and Dessert!

Who likes to play with their food? ;) The holidays and having little ones around definitely calls for festive eats! First up, breakfast:

BREAKFAST: A big thank you to pinterest for this one! Who can resist a little Rudolph the Red-nosed pancake for breakfast? Two flapjacks for the head, chocolate chips or blueberries for the eyes, a raspberry (or red M&M or strawberry) for the nose, and bacon for the antlers and you're set!

Next, SNACK TIME: a healthy holiday treat! We've seen fruit and vegetable Christmas trees before, served at holiday parties, and they're always a big hit. But why not make a simple version that our kiddos can take part in making? We did, and it was a hit--even for our little party of 2 the other afternoon! The details are in a guest post over on the lovely blog Dear Lindsay--go here to check it out! Plus it works as an activity, snack time, and meal prep!

And top it off with DESSERT: Whether it's for your own family, or a plate for your neighbors, there's nothing like a festive-shaped cookies! And gingerbread cookies are sure to make your kitchen smell heavenly and your belly happy. Ours the other day were a bit on the dry side (hence the extra-long soak in milk;) but this recipe for gingerbread men on Jenny Evans: Gatherings blog is tried and true! Then I just melted some white chocolate and piped it on for the "frosting".

Happy Holidays everyone!

Care to share some of your favorite festive eats??


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