Our top 5 summer reads

Oh summer, how we love thee. To us, summer is equivalent to trips to the pool, grabbing Dirty Diet Cokes on the daily and eating Popsicles on the stoop nightly. And hopefully among all that hard work, we can squeeze in some quality summer reading time.

Our summer reading list has a few key requirements: captivating, light (sorry, we reserve the intense classics for winter time), and preferably set on the beach somewhere (because if we can't be there every day, we can at least read about someone who is!) Read on for our 2016 lineup:

1. This one has been on the NY Times Bestseller list for awhile, and for good reason. It's a mystery, suspense, drama — and the audiobook version has dreamy British accents. Win, win win!

2. This one is the ultimate summer novel, as it takes place on the beaches of Florida and is a quick, captivating read about a girl who enters a baton-twirling competition to win back the attention of her father.

3. "Beautiful Ruins" has been on summer reading lists for a few years now, because the plot line is completely irresistible, switching between current-day Hollywood and Italy in the 60s.

4. We recommend reading this one with a friend. The twists and turns of this summer mystery are so good, you'll be dying to talk to someone about it!

5. Another popular summer reading list title, "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" is quirky and laugh-out-loud funny. You'll love the musings of teenage Bee in the quest to find her missing mother.


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