Mighty Hero Meg

Meet our beautiful July Mighty Hero Meg. 
Below is Meg's story written by her Mom Lisa. 

Our tough Meg, better known as Megatronstrong was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on February 25th 2015.  When Meg began presenting weird bruising, wasn’t eating well, and this child, who we used to so lovingly call “fart in a skillet” because she never stopped moving, was too tired to finish PE, we knew something wasn’t right.  We took her to our favorite family PA and two days later we received the dreaded phone call. Leukemia.

We were rushed to Primary Children’s Hospital where her 2 ½ years of treatments began and we’ve been living, eating, breathing cancer ever since.

In the first 6 months of treatments we traveled to Salt Lake City from Idaho over 20 times. Meg knew what she had to do to win this battle and never fought going for treatments. Once when leaving the hospital she even said, “For some reason, I just can’t stop smiling.”  Because the first two phases of treatment did not produce the results that her doctors were expecting (low enough percentage of cancer cells left in Meg’s body) she was moved from a standard risk patient to a very high risk patient and therefore, last summer, all of Meg’s chemo had to be done as an in-patient stay at the hospital.  Even though she spent more than 20 days cumulatively of her summer in the hospital Meg’s good spirits rarely waned. She kept her spirits up through her long hospital stays by writing her own lyrics to popular songs. She’s written a total of about 10!



This summer we feel so thankful to be in the spot that we are. Meg is currently in maintenance phase of treatment. Her hair is growing back (and is darling!), she got to attend a week at cancer camp, spends lots of time swimming, playing with friends and for the most part is just living the life of a “normal” 9 year old girl!

 She does take oral chemo every day, has chemo at the hospital and at the oncologist’s office once a month and does a round of steroids each month. Even though the oral chemo makes Meg feel a little whoozy every day, you’d never know it. She keeps on keeping on and being the incredible MEGATRONSTRONG!

We look forward, with hearts full of hope, for late June/early July 2017 when Meg will be completely done with treatment! Until then, we will continue to feel blessed for having this amazing strength, named Meg, in our lives, and for the love and generosity of those around us. We have been abundantly blessed by loved ones and strangers alike. We have learned time and time again that even amid heartache and trial there is beauty to be found.


To donate to Meg click here. www.psiadoreyou.com Every penny of your donation will go directly to Meg and her family. Meg you are a inspiration to us all. That smile you have lights up the room. All our love and prayers are with you. You are so BRAVE and so strong. #megtronstong


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