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My heart is heavy as I write this post.  Our dear friend and very FIRST featured cancer cutie has passed away.  Millie Flamm was unlike any child I have ever met.  She was gorgeous, hilarious, sweet, a bit goofy, kind, courageous, she could whistle better than my Grandpa, and was the strongest little girl I have ever met.  Heaven gained one incredible little angel last week.  We will miss her dearly.  

Millie in her hospital room.

Millie was the very first child my family met after Cami was diagnosed and the minute I set eyes on her, I knew we could handle it.  She had that sweet little bald head, I knew she was going through vigorous treatments, but she was playing, dancing and GLOWING!  Millie was so beautiful!  Millie and her parents showed us that they could have fun and be strong even when faced with every parents worst nightmare.  It was the first time I was able to take a deep breath and know we could face what was coming our way!   (Read more about the first time we met Millie here)

Millie and Cami

Cami and Millie were instant friends and played together often.  Over the course of their two and a half year treatment they became best little cancer buddies.  Millie was scheduled to go off treatment about 6 months before Cami and a few days after they celebrated her last chemo treatment, the Doctors called to tell Brady and Amanda that Millie's cancer was back (read the story as Amanda tells it here).  It was devastating for poor Millie and everyone who loved her, but she was up for another fight!  She received a bone marrow transplant in June 2012 she was so brave and fought so hard, but her cancer persisted.  Millie continued with trials, countless new drugs, and intense chemotherapy.  She fought hard, so very hard.   Her parents stood by her side every second and made sure her hospital rooms were filled with love, laughter, and lots of art supplies.  Millie was happiest when she was drawing and she was a little entrepreneur at heart.  She hosted art sales and even utilized the power of social media to sell her artwork on Facebook.  She saved all her pennies to buy her mom a mothers day gift... what a sweetheart!  Millie was always drawing pictures for her friends or family who needed a pick-me up.  She was always thinking of others.  What an incredible shining star she was.

Millie with her new bone marrow

Justin Bieber was one of Millie's biggest fans!

Millie's obituary
Millie gave her mom a hug before lying down to take her last breath after a courageous three and a half year battle with leukemia. Her last moment on earth was as inspiring and thoughtful as the rest of her life, and she will be sorely missed.
Millie is a sweet girl who spent countless hours in the hospital and at home coloring pictures for friends and family that she knew needed a pick-me-up. She was so grateful for the wonderful people who helped her that she in return was always looking for ways to help others.
She is the bravest person this world has ever seen and always had a smile on her face as she did what she needed to do while fighting her cancer. Millie stayed positive and always focused on the good things in her life saying “The grass is greener on our side – even with leukemia.” No matter how bad things got she always looked forward to the future with hope, and her art was always bright and cheerful.
Millie loved to sing, dance, tell jokes, trick her nurses, show off her incredible whistle, and talk and talk and talk. Most of all, she loved to spend time with her family. She made her parents Brady and Amanda Flamm feel like they could do no wrong, and they were honored that Heavenly Father trusted them with her.
Her younger brother Austin adored her and she adored him. They will always be best friends. Millie loved to teach Austin games that she made up, tell him stories, and comfort him when he was sad. They loved to dance together. Millie was quite the designer and not only came up with fabulous outfits for herself, but her brother as well. She made everyone laugh and her giggle would light up the room. We love you our Silly Miss Millie!
Millie and her amazing family.

We want Millie's art to live on.  We know she would want it to be spread around to help others.  We are thrilled to announce that we have a few precious pieces of sweet Millie's art available for download.  Please print these off and remember what this sweet girl has taught us.  There is no better reminder to hold you kids a little tighter, to be a little more understanding, to be patient, pay it forward, lend a hand, leave a thoughtful note, and to be strong when faced with trials.  Millie Flamm has taught me so much and continues to teach me every day.  I hope that through her story and her beautiful precious art, that you can gain a little Millie in your heart as well.  All proceeds from the sale of Millie's artwork will be donated to her foundation:

Prints by Millie Flamm

Millie's message to the world

The Imagination Flower



 The Universe
Was drawn just a few days before she passed.  Truly amazing.    



Tea Set


Love Birds

Heart Butterfly & Star Flowers


Amanda said...

Love. Thank you for honoring our baby girl. The post is beautiful. I was laughing at her "garden" picture. It's actually an alligator with flowers on his head.

Anonymous said...

So so beautiful , talented little girl. X

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness this is a beautiful post! I was not lucky enough to ever meet Miss Millie. It is fabulous to read all the amazing posts that everyone writes about this angelic child that was touched by everyone. The tears stream down my face every time I read a post or see a picture of Millie. I look at my beautiful 5 year old daughter and squeeze her so tight and then feel guilty that this GREAT family no longer has their daughter to hug. What an amazing family!

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