Meet Emma!

Emma's story, written by her mother, Michelle
Emma was diagnosed sept 12/12 with AML and began treatments immediately - very intense, very difficult. We (both of us) were in hospital (in patient) for 4.5 months most of which she was very sick, and then she got to go home in remission!  We were so excited and so full of hope.
She ended up back in hospital two months later having her gallbladder removed. More pain, more recovery...
We went as a family to Florida for three weeks.  Most of which Emma stayed in bed, resting, recovering. She was able to muster up some energy to spend an afternoon at Universal studios, especially the Harry Potter attractions. It is a memory we will cherish forever. 
A week after we got home, three months after being discharged in remission, Emma was tested because of a fever and the disease had returned. The word we never expected nor wanted to hear "relapse"...and so soon! Our hearts were breaking. We geared up for another round of treatments with hopes of getting into remission so she could have a bone marrow transplant. Both of her sisters were a perfect match. 
She was just finishing her second round of chemo and her body started giving out. We ended up in ICU thinking she would simply have a surgery to help with some of her difficulties....she gave us a thumbs up as they wheeled her into the OR saying "tell everyone I love them and I'll see you when I wake up!" A big smile on her face. But her heart stopped before they could do the surgery and though the doctors worked diligently to resuscitate her several times, it was not meant to be.  She left us and was welcomed into the arms of Jesus.  Completely healed, free from pain, dancing & singing forever! 

You can watch Emma's celebration of life video here: 

Celebration Service for Emma Grace Stewart from Kennedy Road Tabernacle on Vimeo.


Amanda said...

My love to this incredible family. Emma's love and light shines on.

jasmine mehta said...

she was an amazing friend. i miss her so much and she's my inspiration to stay strong and keep faith in God. live every moment to the fullest. i love you so much emmie and i miss you lots. RIP my love <3

Shadia Brown said...

Very sad story but I loved reading the last part where the mom says that she was greeted pain free, dancing and singing!

Lori said...

I am so very sorry for your tremendous loss! She is safe in the arms of Jesus now, as you so eloquently stated. God Bless you all!

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