Meet Annika..AKA Warrior Princess

We are so excited to introduce you to our little cancer princess Annika.  Annika is only 11 months old and just melts our hearts with her beautiful eyes. She is a little fighter battling her second round of cancer.  Meet this sweet little girl and her amazing family.

Watch her cancer journey here. Unfortunately her cancer story doesn't end where the movie does. On December 12th Annika's family found out her cancer was growing again. 

Annika's journey written by her sweet Mom: 

Annika, AKA Warrior Princess, joined our family on February 15, 2012. We instantly fell in love with her.  She was a sweetheart from the very beginning. When she was about 7 weeks old she started acting differently. She had a new painful cry that told me there was undeniably something wrong. I took her to 4 different doctors over a 3 week period trying to figure out what was wrong. Doctors kept telling me she was fine. Finally, on April 27, 2012, Annika was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. The main tumor was along her spine and 80% of her liver had cancer. She was suddenly in very critical condition and fighting for her life. She was sent to the intensive care unit where she started chemotherapy. After two weeks in the hospital we were able to take her home. Ten days later we headed back to the hospital to start her second round of chemotherapy. Annika ended up having 4 rounds of chemotherapy before she was declared in remission.  She was in remission for 6 months. On December 12th Annika went back to the hospital for routine scans to check the tumor. Our world was shattered a second time when we found out the tumor was growing again along her spine, in her liver and in her bone marrow. As of today she has completed one more round of chemotherapy and her next round begins on January 7th. Annika will have at least another 5 rounds of chemotherapy ahead.
Annika is a beautiful little fighter. Annika is my hero, I am so proud to be her Momma. 

We are cheering you on WARRIOR PRINCESS!!!
Let's help show this family some love. 


Anonymous said...

most definitely a warrior princess! she is such a beautiful baby!! so strong! you have an adorable family :) your family will get through this. she'll come out on top of it all! you can see it in those gorgeous eyes! my heartbreaks when reading your story... i can not even imagine what you go through.. i have a little girl. she's 1 nd it's hard enough already when she gets a cold.. my heart my thoughts nd my prayers go out to your little girl!
an angel sent from heaven, your angel is one of the toughest out there.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet baby, my heart goes out to your beautiful family she will be in my prayers..

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