10 holiday neighbor gifts (that don't involve sugar!)

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In the days leading up to Christmas, our kitchen counter seems to get cluttered with never-ending mounds of treats, kindly dropped off by friends and neighbors. We sample some, devour others...but most of them end up going in the trash after a week of contributing to the holiday clutter.

Sound like a familiar scene? If so, you'll be as excited as we are to have some ideas for neighbor gifts that don't involve sugar. (And are also fun, useful and inexpensive!)

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1. Holiday soaps. Because who doesn't get all kinds of warm fuzzies when they wash their hands with a Bath & Body Works scent like Iced Gingerbread? Pick a bunch up when they go on sale, wrap them with a cute bow and you're good to go!

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2. Redbox coupon + popcorn. This one tops the list several reasons: it's super affordable, unique and something everyone will love putting to use! Check their website to see how to order bulk coupon codes, write them out on cute stationary and pair with a bag of popcorn (as fancy as you want to go on that one!)

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3. Homemade salsa. There's nothing to offset the sugar binge like some salty snacks. Make a huge batch of yummy salsa and package in small Mason jars. We love this recipe!

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4. Ornament and story. Everyone loves having new ornaments to add to their tree every year. If you make it a yearly tradition to give out inexpensive ornaments and a meaningful message to go with it, you'll score points for spreading Christmas cheer every year! See here for ideas.

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5. Homemade bread. Warm, fresh homemade bread + butter and jam is pretty much heaven on earth, and it makes for awesome on-the-go breakfast during the busy holiday season. This is the easiest, most delicious recipe ever!

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6. Potpourri set. Just because we're tired of having counters packed with baked goods doesn't mean we don't want our house to smell like baked goods, all day every day! Potpourri is the perfect fake-out. Package up some cinnamon sticks, cloves, cranberries and oranges for your neighbors to simmer on the stove all day.

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7. DIY coasters. 'Tis the season for drinks all around! These tile coasters are inexpensive, modern and totally adorable. Your neighbors will love whipping them out for guests on Christmas Eve.
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8. Cute gift wrapping supplies. There is never enough tape, gift tags or wrapping paper to go around, right? Save your neighbors some time (the ultimate gift!) and give cute wrapping supplies - like this adorable washi tape from our site!

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10. Frozen cookie dough. Okay, so this one does involve sugar, but we love that it is meant for later, once all of the binging is over with. Eventually the craziness will come to an end and we'll be left exhausted and craving a treat again...but won't want to put any work into it! Enter this heaven-sent frozen cookie dough recipe.


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