Meet Mariah!

We would like to introduce to you our March Cancer Cutie Mariah. This strong lady is a inspiration to all of us. That smile lights up the room and melted our hearts. Mariah you have a army behind you. Continue to be brave and show'm who's boss~! We love and adore you! Stay Strong and fight fight FIGHT!  Here is her story below. You can donate to Mariah at

Mariah is our beloved child from God and is 10 years old! One year ago, in 2013, she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called an Ependymoma. She immediately went into surgery to remove the golf ball sized tumor from the center of her brain. Her surgeon was amazing and, through God's work, he removed the entire tumor. Alex and Jennifer, Mariah's parents, spent the next two weeks in the hospital at her bedside while each day she became stronger. Eventually, she was back to our normal, healthy Mariah!  She entered the 4th grade and spent the year without any complications or mishaps! 

       Mariah's six-month MRI scan showed up with a bright spot which the doctors perceived to be scar tissue. So we all waited three months for her next scheduled MRI only to receive the news that Mariah's tumor had in fact returned aggressively to the same size it was the first time. Immediate surgery for a resection is scheduled for Thursday, May 15th. We will all be at the Children's Hospital of Atlanta praying over the surgeons' hands that he may be able to remove this tumor the best that he can. This, however, is the beginning of a long process of healing for Mariah. A resectioning of the skull and brain brings the scary possibility of new challenges aside from the surgery.  Secondly, this time around will be followed by six weeks of powerful radiation which will be administered in another state in which could be Florida, Texas, or Tennessee. We will keep everyone updated each step of the way as it all unfolds. We do not understand the reason behind this awful illness, but we are proclaiming Gods healing over our baby Mariah and that HIS will to be done. 

She is the toughest little lady and will fight. Jennifer and Alex and Gaby, Mariah's older sister, will need an army of friendships and love and prayers to get them through this time. As you can imagine, this process is going to bring many challenges including exhorbitant medical bills and expenses. Jennifer will be out of work for an extended period of time without pay while Alex will be working intermittently. We love you all and thank you for any support you can give. May God's blessings be upon you every day.
All our Love…..


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