Meet Miles

This handsome little fighter is Miles our January Cancer Cutie. Here is his story below. Please be send all your love and prayers to this brave little boy. He was diagnosed October of 2014. You can donate to Miles on

Miles you are strong and you will kick cancer to the curb! Keep fighting bud!

Our sweet baby Miles came to the pediatric emergency room after a week of fever and tummy pain. After an ultrasound found a large tumor near his kidney, we were admitted to the Pediatric Dept. at Banner Thunderbird Hospital. Through the week of tests we’ve discovered the cancer to be Neuroblastoma with a main tumor larger than a softball grown next the his adrenal gland. The tumor was too large, well supplied by blood vessels and entangled around his aorta to remove during his biopsy surgery. Further tests show his bone marrow and skull to be infected as well. Miles’ cancer is the most aggressive type with a current survival rate of 40-60%. Our Pediatric Oncologist is Dr. Graham.  He started chemo today and will have marrow transplants, radiation and other therapies once the tumor has decreased to a manageable size.
Miles is the toughest little boy, he’s so sweet, happy and active and previously so healthy. We know we have a huge battle but we will fight it. We are going to beat this and get our baby back to the little boy we all know and love. Our faith is not shaken, we know he is a child of God.


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